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Maloo Machinery’s 5-point approach saves you time, ensures quality, and makes your business easier.

Here’s how:

  1. Save your cost, all mould fee is refundable. When your reach a certain order quantity, we return the mould fee to you. Working with Maloo Machinery, you are not only get quality products but also support from us.
  2. We hire the best, to build you the best. We’re based in an area that’s famous for its expert casting and machining industry: Ningbo, China. As a result, we easily recruit and hire the best engineers for your projects.
  3. You get a single, dedicated account representative to make your business easier. Whether you need a quote, an order update, or shipping status, you speak to the same real person every time.
  4. Quick shipping and on-time delivery to meet your deadlines. We only use shipping carriers with a 98% or greater on-time delivery rate.
  5. We’re a one-stop enterprise to create any metal part. In addition to casting and machining, we also provide die-casting, forging, and stamping, so we can build you almost anything.

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