Investment Casting

Investment casting is a process used to build a pattern which is traditionally made of wax, it`s coated with a ceramic slurry mold that hardens when it dries, into which molten metals usually stainless steel alloys, brass, aluminum and carbon steel is injected to make the casting. Investment casting is often known as lost wax casting because the wax pattern is heated and completely melt out of the mold to form the final part geometry.

Investment casting offers numerous advantages, the cast that is formed has excellent surface, it offers exceptional strength required for mechanical applications and it also has the potential to create extremely intricate parts thus, save time and cost that will be required since the finished piece will need no welding or assembly and it also reduce the chances of errors which could occur while combining the parts.

Investment Casting parts 1
Investment Casting parts 2
Investment Casting parts 3
Investment Casting parts 4
Investment Casting parts 5
Investment Casting parts 6

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