Lost Foam Casting

Lost foam casting is an innovative polystyrene foam pattern molding embedded in sand. The polystyrene foam pattern is buried and left to decompose in a sand container by pouring molten metal directly on the polystyrene foam and the heat evaporate or vaporize the polystyrene as it fills the mold. The metal will miraculously take the exact shape of the polystyrene foam and hardens.

Due to the simpler process and easy finishing works, the cost is relatively low and it`s more durable and reliable. It`s environmentally friendly process. The sand is unbonded can be recovered and reused at a low cost and it also requires low raw material and staff.

lost-foam-casting 1
lost-foam-casting 2
lost-foam-casting 3
lost-foam-casting 4
lost-foam-casting 5
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