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Dear Clients:

To get the the most accurate, timely, and competitive quotation, please sending us a quotation with below information:

1、Clearly state the alloy and any reference specs for the material to be cast;

2、Indicate if machining or secondary operations are required;

3、Ensure NDT (non-destructive testing) or material certification requirements are clearly stated

include part weight or cubic volume if available;
4、Supply current drawings when available, existing samples can also benefit quoting;
5、Your contact information ( Email and Phone#)

Our team will review all information and often ask for additional and supporting information to ensure we provide you the best experience possible.

Lead times stated on the quotation are usually based on a “standard lead time” assuming samples are inspected and approved for production. Tooling build time and sample delivery dates are also stated in our quotation. Let us know if our standard lead time is not suitable. We will work to find creative ways to support your needs.

We will clearly state on the quotation all standard or special terms and conditions and industry accepted tolerances that can be expected. Any special arrangements that you might require should be discussed at this time.

Custom Castings
The promise to be a “Casting Partner” only works if they have the expertise to back it up.